Gift Aid

If you give to the Church Gift Aid it!

Gift Aid is an easy way to increase the value of the donations that you are currently giving to the Parish at Mass by 25%, without actually giving anything extra!

If you are a UK taxpayer, the scheme enables that for every pound that you give, the Parish will get back an additional 25p from the Inland Revenue.

What is required for this refund to be obtained?

–       You must be a UK taxpayer and pay an amount of income tax at least equal to the amount of any refund reclaimed by the Parish on your donations;

–       You must complete a Gift Aid Declaration (see below)

–       Your contributions must be easily identified as coming from you

How does the system work?

You must make your contributions to the Church by Weekly Numbered Envelope (supplied by the Parish), Bankers Order or Cheque.

–       Gift Aid is not a binding commitment – the actual money that you donate is entirely up to you.

–       You can stop at any time for any reason, in particular if you cease to pay income tax

–       Gift Aid payments are completely confidential.

Gift Aid Declaration Form

  This form simply asks you to give your name and address and your consent so that all your donations can be treated as Gift Aid donations. ONE MINUTE IS ALL IT TAKES TO COMPLETE. Forms are available from the Presbytery or from the

parish co-ordinator Tony Delahunt. If you would like any further information or clarification, please contact him at or telephone 020 8660 2190